Watch James and Hospital James Hold Hands – Bath Time e4

Watch James and Hospital James Hold Hands – Bath Time e4

Today was a good day.

During a trip to the hospital an image of my own two hands, one with a nice watch, and the other with a hospital bracelet sent me on a reflective journey. I reflect on that reflection in today’s episode of Bath Time.

It was a good day for small and simple reasons. Small and simple reasons that when juxtaposed against struggles just one week prior felt quite profound.

You may relate to the message of this episode if you’ve been through your own struggles. And if things have been good for you and yours recently, and I sincerely hope they have, then I hope this episode helps bring some additional joy and appreciation to what may seem to be the mundane and unremarkable.

And if you don’t care, and this is all uninteresting, then hell… this one is for me. Today was a good day.


Bathing in Patriotism – The Declaration of Independence – Bath Time e3

Bathing in Patriotism – The Declaration of Independence – Bath Time e3

To my fellow Americans I quote the leader of the rebel alliance, Princess Leia, when I say “I love you”

To the colonial Brits out there I quote the warrior poet,¬†Tupac Shakur, when I say “You better back the fuck up, before you get smacked the fuck up”

Happy Independence Day everyone! I sat in the tub this morning with the intention of recording a podcast about gun rights. It seemed fitting for a July 4th topic. Instead, I decided to table that episode, and record an impromptu commentary on the Declaration of Independence. One of the greatest documents ever written by the hand of man.

In this episode we get into some fun Snapple cap factoids about the writing, and signing of the Dec of Ind. We’ll lightly discuss the amazing enlightenment principals which serve as the philosophical backbone of the declaration and the formation of these United States. Some commentary on the risks taken by the founding fathers is peppered in as well as their inaction regarding slavery. Finally I’ll actually read the document itself (most of it at least… I skip the big boring part where they just list grievances against the King of England).

Happy grilling my fellow patriots! Crack a cold one for old Ben Franklin who reminds us “there cannot be good living where there is not good drinking”

Anthony Bourdain, Depression, and Suicide in America – Bath Time e2

Anthony Bourdain, Depression, and Suicide in America – Bath Time e2

Tony Bourdain’s passing struck a chord with me that I didn’t expect. I have tremendous admiration for his talent as a story teller, but I didn’t consume his work with the same fervor as I did Robin William’s or Chris Cornell’s. Those are both celebrities of whom I’m a more ardent fan, and they too tragically took their own lives. But for some reason last week’s news of Bourdain’s passing weighed on me more heavily.

It drove me to do some research into depression and suicide in America, and share it in episode 2 of Bath Time. A 180 degree change from my first episode about Star Wars, but it’s what I was interested in reflecting on. Hey, that’s Bath Time. You never know what is going to occupy your thoughts.

In this episode we’ll dig into some shocking stats on suicide in America, the Werther effect and the media’s role in suicide contagion, happiness vs purpose, lifestyle influences on mental health, and a reflections on my own experience with physical and mental health.

On a lighter note I also talk about international bath day (June 14th), histories most famous bath, and introduce my new co-host. Fair warning that this light fair opens the podcast for about 5 minutes, and then I switch gears to the heavier subject matter at hand.

If you are going through a dark patch, then at this end of the episode I’m talking directly to you. I hope my love and words reach you in whatever way possible. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline has trained councilors available to talk 24/7. Here is their phone number, and link to chat online.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline : 1-800-273-8255

Lifeline Chat

Much Love,


Why ‘The Last Jedi’ is the worst Star Wars movie – Bath Time e1

Why ‘The Last Jedi’ is the worst Star Wars movie – Bath Time e1

I hate ‘The Last Jedi’. I hate it so so much. Less than 5 minutes into seeing it in theaters at the midnight premier I knew the movie was garbage, and it didn’t do much to change my opinion throughout its bloated 2 hour 32 minute runtime. When the film mercifully concluded and my nerd friends gathered in an awkward circle to debrief one of us put it best saying, “remember when you first learned that Santa Claus wasn’t real?”

Begrudgingly I saw the movie in theaters a second time with my family with the goal of refreshing my memory and writing an essay about my hatred for the film afterwards. But whenever I sat at my computer I became too upset, and didn’t make any progress. But then I started taking baths… long and frequent baths.

The bath proved to be a vessel for infamously random “shower thoughts”, but in the bath you have the time to really flesh them out. So what would normally be a passing brain fart, could grow into a full fledged Alex Jones InfoWars-esk rant. But instead of Sandy Hook Elementary and gay toad conspiracy theories, I continued to think about Star Wars.

And from all this ‘Bath Time’ was born. The internets premier podcast recorded exclusively from my bathtub. In episode one I spend about 45 minutes splashing around and ranting about my hatred for The Last Jedi.