Bathing in Patriotism – The Declaration of Independence – Bath Time e3

Bathing in Patriotism – The Declaration of Independence – Bath Time e3

To my fellow Americans I quote the leader of the rebel alliance, Princess Leia, when I say “I love you”

To the colonial Brits out there I quote the warrior poet, Tupac Shakur, when I say “You better back the fuck up, before you get smacked the fuck up”

Happy Independence Day everyone! I sat in the tub this morning with the intention of recording a podcast about gun rights. It seemed fitting for a July 4th topic. Instead, I decided to table that episode, and record an impromptu commentary on the Declaration of Independence. One of the greatest documents ever written by the hand of man.

In this episode we get into some fun Snapple cap factoids about the writing, and signing of the Dec of Ind. We’ll lightly discuss the amazing enlightenment principals which serve as the philosophical backbone of the declaration and the formation of these United States. Some commentary on the risks taken by the founding fathers is peppered in as well as their inaction regarding slavery. Finally I’ll actually read the document itself (most of it at least… I skip the big boring part where they just list grievances against the King of England).

Happy grilling my fellow patriots! Crack a cold one for old Ben Franklin who reminds us “there cannot be good living where there is not good drinking”

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