Meanest thing I’ve ever done

During one of my travels a few years ago I was feeling lonely on the road, and called a dear old friend, Brian Walsh, to have a nice chat and catch up. Brian wasted no time in informing me that he was entirely uninterested in any of my successes, insights, or news that could at all be construed as positive towards my life.

He added that while I was traveling I was only to call him in order to share stories of failure, injury, and overall misery. While Brian is of course a dick for having said this, it doesn’t change the fact that he stumbled upon a profound truth in story telling. Failure is always more entertaining than success.

So with that in mind, I’d like to share this story with you and in doing so state clearly – FUCK YOU BRIAN WALSH. Hahahaha! This time I win you punk!

My Girl photo 2

Check out the story below that I performed at a Moth StorySLAM in LA. Of the 10 performers telling true stories from their lives on the subject of “Jokers” your very own JBreezyBaby was voted the winner! This was in fact a bucket list item of mine, and I now advance and compete in a GrandSLAM event where 10 LA StorySLAM winners compete.

Brian, you are not invited to attend.

Below is the video of the audio (what?) which I may or may not have the legal rights to share. So if the 17 people who see this post just keep their mouths shut then I’ll probably be fine.

Wait… I think this blog post is a story about a story I told about a thing I did. The thing I did is super mean, and not a success, but in telling the story I won a competition which was successful. I think…

Not sure what I intended from this post anymore… somewhere something good happened to me I think.

SHUT UP. Just listen to the damn story if you want a laugh.

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